Plan 2040, our Comprehensive Plan, is a shared vision for the future of our community.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the short- and long-term growth, redevelopment, and preservation of Chatham County, Garden City, Pooler, and Savannah. It reflects the community's values and goals, and lays out strategies to achieve them.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs establishes the standards and procedures for comprehensive planning by all local governments in Georgia (Chapter 110-12-1 Minimum Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning). In order to maintain qualified local government certification, and thereby remain eligible for selected state funding and permitting programs, each local government must prepare, adopt, maintain, and implement a comprehensive plan as specified in the State’s standards. Each community’s comprehensive plan must include specific plan elements, communities are also encouraged to go beyond these minimum required elements and supplement its comprehensive plan with other plan elements to make the overall plan a good fit for the community.

Since our last Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2016, the County has grown considerably. Continued progress of our community must follow a strategic approach that balances a desirable built environment, economic development, natural resources, transportation options, and a high quality of life for all of our residents.

Plan 2040 is a five-year update of Chatham County and the City of Savannah’s existing Comprehensive Plan that will be used by local officials as a guide to help make policy decisions regarding the community's growth and development for the next twenty years.

Plan 2040 Elements

Community Profile

This chapter provides an overview of the community's demographic and economic characteristics.

Community Goals

This chapter describes the community's visions and goals for the next 20 years as expressed by residents.

Economic Development

This chapter is an inventory and assessment of the community's economic base, labor force, and economic development opportunities.

Land Use

This chapter provides a history of the development of the municipality, as well as existing land use patterns and future development projections.


This chapter draws from the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Total Mobility 2045 Plan to identify transportation-related issues and opportunities for quality growth.


This chapter attempts to identify the community's major housing concerns, determine future housing needs, and develop a plan for managing future housing development.

Natural Resources

This chapter discusses environmental topics such as water resources, stormwater, and conservation. It also highlights opportunities to increase community resilience to climate change.

Quality of Life

This chapter explores quality of life issues such as education, community health, public safety, historic and cultural resources, and access to broadband internet.