Garden City 2040

Garden City 2040 is Garden City’s principal guiding document. It is designed to formulate a coordinated, long-term planning program to maintain and enhance the health and viability of the community as a whole.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a resource to both the public and private sector by projecting how land will develop, how housing will be made available, how jobs will be attracted and retained, how open space and the environment will be protected, how public services and facilities will be provided, and how transportation facilities will be improved.

About Garden City

Garden City is one of nine municipalities in Chatham County, Georgia. Originally founded in 1939, the City features a blend of industry and small business, while still boasting a rich history, friendly neighborhoods, a vibrant economy, and quality services for residents. Garden City is a full-service municipality which provides everything from police and fire protection to water/sewer service, solid waste collection, street and drainage maintenance, recreational programs and facilities, code enforcement, and more.

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Garden City Plan 2040 Elements

Community Profile

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Economic Development

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Land Use

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Natural Resources

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Quality of Life

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Service Delivery Strategy

According to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the Service Delivery Strategy process gives local governments and authorities the opportunity to reach agreement on the delivery of services in an effective and cost-efficient manner to Georgia's citizens. The intent of the Act is:

  • To provide a flexible framework for local governments and authorities to agree on service delivery arrangements.
  • To minimize any duplication or competition among local governments and authorities providing local services.
  • To provide a method of resolving disputes among service providers regarding service delivery, funding equity and land use.